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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Villa De Santa Fe, New Mexico

The oldest capital in the United States has a turbulent history. Nearly sixty years after Coronado leads the first Spanish expedition into the Southwest, European settlers push into Northern New Mexico. By 1610 they establish la Villa de Santa Fe as the capital of the Spanish colony.

The city is an endless stream of color and culture. A revival of pueblo style architecture known as the "Santa Fe Style" dominates the city scape. The New Mexico Museum of Art is one great example.

My visit includes meanders through numerous art galleries, shops, and mandatory dining at one of the numerous eateries--the Blue Corn Cafe. It is a wet day and a low cloud cover cloaks the city in a tranquility only rain brings. The usual hustle and bustle on the streets has moved into galleries, eateries, and shops.

The first ray of sun quickens her heartbeat and the city resumes her 400-year journey.

© Ilija Lukić 2012

Worried About A Stampede

New Mexico Museum Of Art

One Moment In The 400-Year Journey

Back Gate To The Museum Of Art

Baptismal Font In The Cathedral Basilica Of St Francis of Assisi
(Santa Fe, New Mexico)

Looking For Attention

Santa Fe Door

Loretto Chapel

I Shot An Arrow In The Air (art gallery)

Santa Fe Chile Ristras

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