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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Windswept Encounters

Warm winds assault the spring renewal stirring on the Llano tablelands. Drifting sand borne on restless winds creates aesthetic shapes on the lee side of prairie vegetation and fence posts. On the other hand the keen teeth of the pristine grains raze fresh shoots struggling into frail existence on bone dry cultivated lands. Circle irrigation pivots toil twenty-four-seven to stem the onslaught of wind, sun, and dearth of rain.

Cooper and I work our way across a nearby section of open prairie just after mid-morning. The genial drama of sunrise now defers dominion to gusty Sou’westerlies and windswept cloud cover. Sixty-degree airs feel uncomfortably cool.

Our game trail thoroughfare takes us through a curiously silent prairie dog town. Usually our presence draws noisy rebukes. Cooper investigates several burrows then lopes ahead, nose to the wind. I pause and soak in the serenity .

We strike out in the direction of a Siberian Elm cluster. Along our passage broom weed skeletons primp woody stems with greenery. One lonesome Chocolate Daisy bloom vies for attention and blueweed stretch scruffy basal leaves across red soils. The serpentine shape of a Bullsnake grabs my attention. Its tongue works feverishly in attempts to taste my scent. Cooper keeps a respectful distance, as we both take a few moments to gaze at the colubrid. Yesterday a Great Plains Toad and today this ubiquitous plains reptile. The Llano Estacado wakes from winter slumber. We bid adieu as friends.

As we reach the Siberian Elm stand, a Cooper’s Hawk on a pigeon kill disappears in a flurry of wing beats followed by skillfully executed flight maneuvers. This raptor is very adept in navigating a tree thicket in pursuit of prey. Several piles of feathers lead me to conclude this bird was in the process of plucking feathers before I interrupted breakfast. Once we depart this hunter will most likely return.

Before turning homeward I cannot resist the glorious palette of wind, light, and prairie vegetation around me. Whispers on the lively winds urge digital images of heavenly moments in time. The warm morning light emphasizes the rust and golden hues of freeze-dried flora. Delicate spring greenery adorns trees. Windblown clouds against azure New Mexico skies complete my slice of paradise.

Windswept Encounter

Llano Estacado Cathedrals

Sea Of Grass

Wax Goldenweed Skyline

Brisk Tail Wind (Cooper)

Llano Estacado Trail Sweeper (Cooper) 

Chest Deep Prairie 

Gusty Winds

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