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Friday, April 22, 2011

Bladderpod Morning

Last year’s golden blankets of Gordon’s Bladderpod (lesquerella gordonii) are conspicuously absent among the drab remains of the Winter ground cover.  This annual from the Mustard Family needs a wet Winter and Spring to thrive.  The prostate, slender stems turn up near the tips to display dense floral terminals.  Its leaves have a dense cover of star-shaped hairs.  The fruit are spherical, glabrous pods, which pop when crushed.  Popweed is a common name for this Spring beauty.

Bladderpod Morning (lesquerella gordonii)

Gordon's Bladderpod

Golden Spread (lesquerella gordonii)

Pop Weed

Wasp On Bladderpod

Yellow Blanket (Gordon's Bladderpod)

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