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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Prairie Renascence

Cooper and I slip onto a Llano Estacado game trail at the crack of dawn. On the plain heavy dew underfoot and lively rain cooled winds set the mood of the prairie. The tablelands reluctantly lift the veil of night. Fluid shadows draped across the gentle undulations of the plain capitulate to the sun. Bird chatter fills the air and lends credence to the revival of this recently parched biome. With each morrow the crucible of drought we endure fades further from collective memories. Scattered meadowlarks balance atop yucca stalks and serenade the dayspring. A pair of Swainson’s Hawks take flight from their withered elm perch and wing our way. Curiosity satisfied they climb into the azure hues of New Mexico skies and disappear. My soul takes wing. My heart breaks into song.

I pause on a rise in wagon trail ruts and reflect on this moment in time. Cooper saunters my way and eases along side. Our spirits bond.

- © Ilija Lukić 2013 -

Goat Head
(Puncture Vine)

Dew Catcher
(gaillardia pulchella, aka Fire Wheel, Indian Blanket)

Sawtooth Daisy Bud
(Wax Goldenweed)

Heart Of The Santa Fe Aster

Velvety Gaura

Weevil On Engelmann's Daisy

Bee Fly Paradise
(Yellow Spine Thistle)

In Your Face
(Golden Aster)

(Prairie Fleabane)

Ready To Explode
(Wax Goldenweed)

Half An Aster

Insect Lure
(Indian Blanket)

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