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Friday, July 26, 2013

Embrace The Details

The prairie is a patient and subtle teacher. She deepens my well of knowledge, wisdom, and spirituality by inviting attention to the minutiae within her temporal existence. As I reflect on her adamant whispers of enlightenment, I find it’s not the colorful headlines of fat years that paint her masterpieces. It’s the incidental stories and details buried on pages six, seven, and eight of her perennial saga that tug at my soul and quicken my heart. Surely divine genius governs the precise alignment of the details. Nature’s grandest endeavors depend on the success of the smallest component.

King Of The Plains

Essence Of Asclepias
(asclepias latifolia)

(desmanthus illinoensis, aka Prairie Mimosa)

Fading Glory
(White Gaura)

Unattainable Quest For Beauty

Imperial Scepter
(yucca campestris, aka Plains Yucca)

Baby Pricklies
(Prickly Pear Cactus)

(Bush Morning Glory)

Navajo Tea With Ant
(thelesperma megapotamicum)

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