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Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Wild Bunch

Puddles in ranch road ruts and shimmering waterholes are distant memories on the Southern Great Plains. Although intrusive on the ecology of the biome, roads have certain beneficial effects. This heavy foot print of man does catch and channel summer thunderstorm runoff. Man-made ruts create silvery ribbons of life-giving water reservoirs. The blessing is temporary the impact significant. Prairie flora thrive in the green strips which line the less-travelled overland arteries.

My destination is such a swath of life in the desolate expanse of rain-starved prairie. My mission is to bag images of the Llano Estacado Wild Bunch. Curls of mud shards crunch underfoot as I explore the precious green beltways along the Calzada De Barro Cocido, the Baked Mud Road.

- © Ilija Lukić 2013 -

The Wild Bunch
(haplopappus ciliatus, aka Wax Goldenweed)

Comanche Head Dress
(cirsium ochrocentrum)

Unbridled Stallion
(solanum elaeagnifolium, aka Horse Nettle, Silverleaf Nightshade)

Wild Buckwheat
(eriogonum annuum)

Eager Daisy
(Prairie Fleabane)

Boisterous Greenthread
(thelesperma megapotamicum)

Unruly Pom-Poms
(Annual Eriogonum)

Chisme Ansioso
(portulaca pilosa, aka Shaggy Portulaca, Kiss-Me-Quick, Pink Portulaca)

Impetuous Pucker
(haplopappus ciliatus, aka Wax Goldenweed, Sawtooth Daisy)

Punk Rocker
(Yellow Spined Thistle)

Giddy Hopi Tea
(thelesperma megapotamicum)

Calzada De Barro Cocido (Baked Mud Road)

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