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Friday, August 30, 2013

Endless Summer Gallery - Surprises

Prairie life falters
Subtle beauty abides arid woes
Heart brims with poetry

© Ilija Lukić 2013

Bindweed With Puncturevine
(convolvulus arvensis with tribulus terrestris)

Chocolate Scented Daisy
(berlandiera lyrata)

Rocky Mountain Zinnia
(zinnia grandiflora, aka Plains Zinnia)

Prairie Life Falters


Hairy Encounter
(cryptantha angustifolia, aka Panamint Catseye)

Lonely Gaura
(gaura coccinea, aka Scarlet Beeblossom)

Past And Present Glory
(berlandiers lyrata, aka Lyreleaf Greeneyes, Chocolate Daisy)

Green Mexican Hat
(ratibida tagetes, aka Shortray Prairie Cone Flower)

Aged Field Bindweed
(convolvulus arvensis)

Golden Pinwheel
(haplopappus ciliatus, aka Wax Goldenweed)

Prairie Dog Tiki Hut

Purple Threeawn Tempest
(aristida purpurea)

Caliche Globemallow
(sphaeralcea coccinea, aka Scarlet Globemallow))

Lyreleaf Greeneyes
(berlandiera lyrata, aka Chocolate Daisy)

Bristlelobe Cryptantha
(cryptantha angustifolia, aka Panamint Catseye)

Baby White Aster
(chaetopappa ericoides, aka Rose Heath Aster)

Wolf Spider Lair

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