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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Let's Go Mudding

Answers to prayers--soaking rains, 54°F temperatures chilled into the 40s by lively southeasterly winds, and 97% relative humidity. Cooper senses the changes unleashed by overnight thunderstorms and cannot resist the call of the wet, muddy, and wild. He paces impatiently at the back door. His energy and the lure of a rain-drenched prairie also prove irresistible to his human trail running buddy.

Minutes later we’re out the door and navigating muddy Llano Estacado byways. Light fog drapes its misty silence across the soggy prairie environs. A lone hawk briefly emerges from the gray shroud and disappears forthwith. We are alone once more on a vast sea of grass. The solitude embraces and rejuvenates my spirit. I pray our good fortune also smiles on our Texas neighbors ravaged by drought.

© Ilija Lukić 2011

Muddy Invitation (Cooper)

Overture In Mud C Major

Challenging Passage (Cooper)

Boundless Llano Spaces

Autumn Harmony (Cooper)

U-Turns Allowed (Cooper)

Sawtooth Daisy Loop

Let's Go Muddin'

Llano Scout Master (Cooper)

Jack Rabbit Alert (Cooper)

Prairie Berries

Milkweed Surprise

Ripe Milkweed Follicle

Long Road Home

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