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Friday, February 17, 2012

Prairie Calligraphy

It’s Valentine’ Day and thoughts of love and amorous deeds fill every fiber of my being. But then, reality, that cruel mistress brings her insidious pangs to bear upon my heart. The love of my life is away from home. I take a few moments and reflect on our journey. It’s a good thing time is a pliable fabric. It folds upon itself endlessly and often blurs distinctions between beginnings and endpoints. Be still my heart and look for solace among indelible memories of tenderness and affection.

Once Cooper and I head into the Llano Estacado the prairie rolls out a welcome mat of cool temperatures, light Westerly winds, and partly cloudy skies. With the exception a few drift residues, the light snows of the last two days have melted or evaporated. What remains pens poetry with intricate strokes akin to calligraphy. Curly blades of grass wriggle under straight, upright blue stem grasses. The textures, shapes, and colors inspire wonder. However, useful water for the parched prairie is minimal. The moisture is barely enough to form tiny mud pellets in the surface dust of the Llano. The inviting beauty echoes with empty promises.

© Ilija Lukić 2012

Prairie Calligraphy (yucca with blue stem and marigold straw)

Snow On Purple Threeawn Gold

Winter Bubble Bath

Empty Promises

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