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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Rites Of Spring

On the western exposure of our home first Daffodils join the pear blossom chorus to usher in spring airs. Notwithstanding its sunny disposition and benevolent heart, this golden oldie of spring tends to strut vainly and obsess over its beauty, yet whispers of unrequited love. Go hug a Daffodil.

Unseasonably balmy breezes and azure skies entice Cooper and me away from garden splendors and out onto the open Llano Estacado prairie. Our township’s annual pear bloom is only days away from full grandeur. Pockets of pageantry line our route.

Within minutes the Llano Estacado embraces our sojourn with her lyrical ballads of flora, fauna, light, and sounds. Let me set the stage. The first blush of green pushes into the dried prairie straw. Mellow mallows, baby thistles, and other barely noticeable emerald sprouts of flora defy drought conditions. Even the mighty breath of Aeolus does not deter carpets of Filaree from their appointed bloom. Life will not be denied.

A Western Meadowlark atop a weathered yucca stalk greets us with a passionate soprano solo of triumph over winter wiles. This out of the ordinary prairie minstrel proudly sports a black “V” for victory sign emblazoned on its vibrant yellow chest. A muster of crows in nearby Siberian Elms joins to lend their gnarly tenor cacophony to the song of joy. Canada Geese launching off the waters of a nearby playa lake cannot contain their sanction of the show’s sentiments. As their wedges head north they honk their approval. Lest the merrymaking descend into chaos, a Northern Harrier in his role as usher keeps order with slow passes over the celebrants. Underfoot, Harvester Ants unseal their winter nest and in a silent yakety-yak try to make sense of the ruckus.

On our way home we pass a dole of Mourning Doves perched on telephone wires. They remain skeptical. Their soft, drawn-out laments of woe-me, woe-me remind prairie denizens that White Owl Woman still dawdles to the north, ready to swoop in with her gelid minions.

My quest for light, nature’s artistry and inspiration satisfied, I leave the prairie elated.

© Ilija Lukić 2012

Spring Airs

Spill The Beans (yucca campestris) 

Rites Of Spring

Silent Yakety-Yak (pogonomyrmex rugosus)

Prairie Samba

First Signs Of Spring (Siberian Elm)

Golden Oldie

Mellow Mallow (sphaeralcea coccinea)

Lofty Dreams

Unrequited Love

Breath Of Aeolus

Baby Thistle Lullaby

Benevolent Heart

Pear Blossom Chorus

Sun Quest (El Llanero Viejo)


Life Will Not be Contained

Rain Vigil (yucca campestris)

Mr Cooper

Rock 'N' Roll Ballad

Celebrate Life

Cup Of Sunshine

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