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Monday, April 22, 2013


The nature of photography requires a relationship with the little understood fifth force of nature intrinsic to the phenomena we know as light.

Light is a fickle mistress.
She can be a fiery blaze or a faint glow.
She is brilliant,
But often chooses a subtle burnish to make a point.

Light is the joyous dance of an aurora
And the peaceful splendor of a starlit night.
She resides in the romance of candle flames 
And the sonorous fury of a lightning flash.
Every dawn renews her splendor.
Every sunset is a promise of a bright tomorrow.

Light doles out caresses and affection,
But demands understanding.
She enjoys whimsical affairs with subjects in her realm.
Yet, her capricious nature resists capture
And challenges image makers in pursuit of her favor.

- © Ilija Lukić 2013 -

Light Catcher (Silver Maple)

G'day Mate (Cooper)

Humble Potential

Eine Rose Für Mein Schätzchen

Let There Be Light

Shadow Dancer (vanessa atalanta, aka Red Admiral)

Austrian Pine Strobili (pinus nigra austriaca)

Tree Of Life (Arborvitae)

A Yew For You
India Hawthorne Flush

In The Pines (Cooper)

Red Admiral (vanesa atalanta)

Grape Leaf Soliloquy

Austrian Strobili Parade

Lästige Motte (euxoa auxiliaris, aka Army Cutworm Moth)

Silver Maple Light Parade

Collard Dove Solo (streptopelia decaocto)

Soul Catcher (Cooper)

As American As Apple Pie (turdus migratorius, aka American Robin)

Fence Patrol (streptopelia decaocto, aka Eurasian Collard Dove)

I'm A Bird Watcher (Cooper)

Looking For Moth ID

Heart Catcher

Smile (India Hawthorne)

Schmetterling (Roter Admiral)

At Day's End (Cooper)

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