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Monday, February 25, 2013

February 2013 Blizzard Rocky

On the heels of a rough night and morning out here on the high plains of Eastern New Mexico, first light peeks through window panes plastered with snow. The blizzard still rages. Cooper and I venture towards the open Llano Estacado.

I pursue the stuff of dreams. Despite instincts to the contrary, Cooper obliges the whims of his foolish human. The raw power of nature heightens my senses and emotions. Disquietude and a reverential awe fill my heart simultaneously. I take a few moments to savor the feeling. Cooper makes a few tentative forays into the prairie and looks back at me signaling willingness to head home. The relentless pummeling by snow squalls soon finds us seeking shelter from the wind-borne furies. The blizzard buries the prairie and our high plains hamlet.

Looking For Adventure (Cooper)

Rocky's Poetry

Whiteout On Putnam Drive

Contemplating A Prairie Adventure (Cooper)

You've Gotta Be Kiddin' (Cooper)

The Home Stretch

Homeward Bound (Cooper)

Neighborhood Home

Intrepid Explorers

Alley Fence

That's Enough (Cooper)

Tea Anyone?

Austrian Pine Bouquet

Snow Kebabs

Water Hose Donut

Our Home Court

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