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Friday, February 1, 2013

One Thousand Tears

In recent days tracks and telltale scat on game trails raise expectations for sighting a Red Fox. It’s mating season and to my delight the elusive omnivore seems to have staked its territory in the back forty east of our home.

However, this morning my joyous rambles on the Llano Estacado prairie in search of the stealthy predator come to a dejected halt. Before me, as if struck down in mid-stride, lies the lifeless carcass of a Red Fox. I lament the loss of a kindred spirit and ponder its demise.

Twas not foul play nor feral strife.

While I give thought to what appears
A most undue surrender of life,
My heart spills one thousand tears,

One thousand silent tales of the wild.

One Thousand Tears (El Llanero Viejo)

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