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Friday, May 13, 2011

Caliche Conquistadors

This casual observer of the Llano Estacado environs now accepts what the flora and fauna on the prairie take in stride as a natural cycle. They are in drought survival mode. The statistically due rains of May have yet to fill the skies and deluge the thirsty earth. The splash of moisture left behind by fast-moving monsoonal thunderstorms several days ago has some impact.  

The Llano Estacado native flora, true caliche conquistadors and time tested survivors of droughts, respond surprisingly fast with small swatches of wildflowers. Without additional rain their blooms will abate within days. The delicate balance between life and death in the stressed ecosystem causes me to tread lightly on my forays, akin to my fleeting shadow draped in a makeshift sarape of wild flowers.

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Caliche Conquistadors

Dr Engelmann, I Presume

Great Escape

Prairie Octopus

Sarape Del Llanero

Spotted Horsemint

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