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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Kissed By Light

Cooper and I arrive at the trail head exuberant and ready for adventure.  Within minutes a large hare leaves protective cover and invites Cooper to a foot race down a dusty ranch road.  He obliges but loses his speedy quarry, when the Jack Rabbit turns off into the shortgrass prairie.  While Cooper catches his breath several horses in a corral near a homestead whinny to acknowledge our presence.  Minutes later I pause to observe a juvenile Bullsnake raise its head, taste the air and continue with its sunbath.  The mood is right and I willingly drift into a dream state.
Morning sunlight has set the prairie awash in its alluring glow.  Unabashed, the flora competes for the sun's attention.  Even the softest movement of the cool air sets off shimmering ripples across prairie grasses.  Wild flowers embark on their daily parade of insect-enticing goods.  Bird song and chatter fills the stillness and complements a distant train whistle.  Magical images reach into my heart at every turn of the game trail.  Llano Estacado dreamin’ sure refreshes the spirit before returning to reality and yet another windblown, dusty, rainless, drought-ridden Summer day.

Bare Essentials

High Plains Gold

Yucca Lanterns - New Mexico State Flower

Off The Beaten Path (Cooper)

Light Sabers

Prairie Lights

Monarda Punctata

Preaching To The Choir

Yucca Bell Towers

Hopi Tea Greenthread

Scanning The Horizon

Squirrel Tail Lightshow

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