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Monday, May 9, 2011

Philosopher's Stone

A morning stroll on the Llano Estacado shortgrass prairie, with Cooper at my side, is an elixir of life. It replenishes reservoirs of happiness.  Coveted by many, yet elusive, I stumble over the mythical philosopher’s stone time and again on my purposeful meander through the arid landscape.  Magic permeates the still air.  
The morning light transforms yucca stalks into lances of Comanche warriors in pursuit of bison; reptilian skeletal remains roar to life as a ferocious dragon; cactus buds accept their roles as parapets on impregnable castle walls; verbena, the fair maiden of the prairie smiles discretely at the ruckus echoing across her domain; squirrel tail grasses strut like plumed cohorts of Roman legions out for conquest; evening primrose, the prairie’s knights in shining armor recall gallant battles in the service of King Arthur; purple-spined porcupines carouse in the sun; and, hymenopappus steal the most coveted role of prairie jesters, Llano Estacado’s happiness viruses, as they dance on the prairie breeze looking for a host. 
Tales of old emerge in the unlikeliest of places.

Maid Verbena

Plumed Roman Legions

Happiness Virus

Gathering Of Fair Maidens

Invitation To Dance

Reptilian Scales

Castle Parapets

Epitaph For a Dragon

Comanche War Lance

Orderly Ascent

Knights In Shining Armor

Shady Rest For a Warrior (Cooper)

Twistspine Ramparts

Purple-Quilled Porcupine

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