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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Squirrel Tail Sunrise

Soft balmy breezes, a crystal-clear blue canopy stretching from Texas to Arizona, and a 68°F airmass wipe the sleep out my eyes and invigorate my loping gait on the way to prairie. Cooper is eager to release the knots out of his limbs.  As soon as we slide into the arid landscape a hare taunts Cooper until he obliges with a chase down a ranch road. Several hundred yards into the footrace, the leporid cuts into the shortgrass prairie where his evasive maneuvers shake his pursuer. Cooper returns with his tongue draped to the left side of his mouth.
My morning quest includes Engelmann’s Daisies and a patch of Plains Yellow Evening Primrose I had seen a few days ago.  The morning light does not disappoint.  I'm treated not only to the golden hues of the flora, but also the sunrise patterns left by a small patch of Squirrel Tail Grasses.

Engelmmann's Muse

Squirrel Tail Sunrise

Yellow Primrose

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