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Friday, May 13, 2011

Yerba Cana

Only the hardiest of Llano Estacado native forbs light up the prairie these days. I notice a bright yellow display of flowers from a distance and thread my way through yucca and cactus to investigate. I find a branched and bushy shrub with threadlike, matted leaves. Its flower canopy glows like the golden cupola on an onion-domed Russian Orthodox church. I pause several minutes to allow the beauty of the moment to reach the innermost cockles of my heart.

As a member of the asteraceae family, today’s prairie treasure is a relative of daisies. Its commonly known as Threadleaf Groundsel. Its prominent color splash gives rise to a multitude of common names: Bush Senecio, Creek Senecio, Shrubby Butterweed, Comb Butterweed, Smooth Threadleaf Ragwort, Mono Ragwort, Douglas Ragwort, Douglas Groundsel, Sand Wash Groundsel, Felty Groundsel, Old Man, Yerba Cana, Squaw Weed or Cenicillo. It is a native of the Southwestern Great Plains.

The Cockles Of My Heart 

Douglas ragwort (senecio flaccidus) 

Threadleaf Groundsel Burst

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