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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Terrapena Et Alia

Cooper and I slide into the arid Llano Estacado just after dawn. The waning gibbous moon hangs low over the Western horizon. It briefly captures my attention, when a Ferruginous Hawk effortlessly draws several circles into the deep blue sky surrounding the pallid nightlight. I pause and connect to the energy of the Llano tableland and its denizens. There is a hush over the prairie. The tranquility portends record breaking afternoon heat.

- © Ilija Lukić 2013 -

Eye Contact (terrapena ornata ornata, aka Ornate Box Turtle female)

Window To The Past

Shy Milk Weed (asclepias latifolia)

Battle-Scarred Samurai (pasimachus depressus, aka Blue-margined Ground Beetle)

The Beauty Of The Beast (Yellow Spine Thistle)

Woolly Plantain Spires (plantago patagonica)

Great Plains Native

Death Mask

Leaning To The Right (ratibida peduncularis, aka Naked Prairie Cone Flower)

Stamp Of Approval (Cooper)

Prairie Clown - (eleodes, aka Darkling Beetle)


  1. So happy to have discovered this blog though I can't remember where I found it! The Llano Estacado is one of my most beloved places on Earth. I live far away from it now, so for me, your photos and journal notes are akin to being there again. It's where I began to heal after 9-11. The llano IS magical.

  2. Thank you, Ramona...magical is a great description...each outing inspires...