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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Benevolent Tempest

Picradeniopsis oppositifolia is an unremarkable forb within the prairie wild flower realm. Nonetheless, this tenacious perennial is responsible for launching my journey to inspire appreciation of our natural world through prose, poetry, and photographic art.

Picture if you will, my canine pal Cooper and I trekking across the Llano Estacado tablelands of Eastern New Mexico. I leave a heavy foot print and unwittingly disturb the delicate balance of the shortgrass prairie biome. I trample an inconspicuous, yellow wild flower--an Opposite Leaf Bahia. My actions unleash chaos, albeit infinitesimal in the grand scheme of the universe. My single crushing step produces irreversible changes, as does a single flap of a butterfly’s wings and even a single image of natural beauty rendered by this humble light catcher. Duly, our world and human spirit diverge from what would have been.
The tiny amount of chaos generated by my errant steps has since grown into a fire within my belly. I gladly ride the benevolent tempest on what has become an enduring quest for wisdom and knowledge. My teacher is patient and the well of enlightenment fathomless.

© Ilija Lukić 2012

Scarlet Gaura

Picradeniopsis Oppositifolia (Opposite Leaf Bahia)

Oldtimer (Yellowspine Thistle)

Opposite Leaf Bahia

Wild Alfalfa (aka Scurfy Pea)

Lean To Your Left (haplopappus spinulosus, aka Spiny Ironplant)

Waiting For Rain

Thirsty Redroot Pigweed

Loaded With Prairie Gold

Blue Grama Panicle

Yellow Dwarf

Flower Moth (schinia mortua)

Try To Catch The Wind

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