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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Painted Lady's Last Dance

Baby blue skies, wispy clouds, and sunshine belie the razor sharp bite of late autumn winds. Bone-chilling night temperatures cede their grip upon our Southern Great Plains hamlet at a glacial pace. Mother Nature’s kaleidoscopic autumn reign has nearly run its course. But she will not slip quietly into winter slumber. She insists on a grand finale of splashy regalia, frolic, and cutting a rug. The painted lady embarks on her last dance.

© Ilija Lukić 2011

Born To Dance

Danseurs Automne

Painted Lady's Last Dance

Last Tango

Shadow Ballet

The Choreographer (Cooper)

Shadow Hoofers

Fantôme De La Danse

Wall Flower

Paso Doble

Amorous Waltz

Samba Mama

Savor The Mood (Cooper)

Danse Exotique

Someone Light My Fire

Prima Ballerina

Watch The Coryphée Fly (Cooper)


Joyous Rhumba

Chorus Girls

Tap Dancers

Pear Ablaze Minuet

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