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Friday, December 2, 2011

Late Autumn Mists

Minuscule ice pellets and freezing mizzle veil the prairie horizon. An eerie hush exaggerated by the moisture-laden atmosphere hangs over the Llano Estacado plain. The absence of even the faintest breeze bodes well for a comfortable outing, despite 26°F temperatures.

Nothing stirs in the Llano biome. Fog condenses into liquid gems on dry vegetation and deepens the hues of autumn straw. Graminoid florae prepare for the next seeding hoedown with prairie winds. Out of left field a hover of crows drifts by in stealth mode without a hint of their ordinarily raucous chatter.  A Northern Harrier launches from its airy perch, sets wings and glides silently into the ethereal autumn mists.

Just ahead Cooper tussles with damp, shoulder-high seas of grass in pursuit of tantalizing scents and sounds. A frosty coating of moisture pearls highlights his ears, brow, and back. It’s time to head for shelter.

© Ilija Lukić 2011

Damp Passage (Cooper)

Wet Fuzz

Graminoid Hoedown

Late Autmn Mists

Threeawn Wheel

Frosted Doggie (Cooper)

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