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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Branta Canadensis Haven

Warm afternoon temperatures near 60°F, azure skies, and nary a breeze lure Cooper and me to the town lake. We discover many kindred spirits. Fishermen enjoin elusive fish to their lures by shear force of will. Children from a nearby middle school run the paved lakeshore trail to complete fitness goals. A little girl with grandfather at hand feeds some of the resident geese and ducks. She giggles with delight. Cooper would love to join in, but must be content to observe from the open window of the car. His moans, groans, and vocal objections last several minutes. 

In the midst of human activities flocks of Canada Geese socialize along the shoreline, preen, and drift lazily on lake waters. Numerous playa lakes across the Llano Estacado are preferred migration stopovers. However, a second year of drought conditions coupled with poor management of the resource have devastated all but a few. Our dwindling lake has become a haven. I spend a good amount of time listening to their chatter, observing behavior, and posturing for camera angles. A gaggle of images and increased wisdom in the ways of branta canadensis are my rewards.

© Ilija Lukić 2012

North Is That Way

Pickin' And Grinnin'

Attack Goose

Lakeshore Treasure Hunt

Shadow Dancing

Which Way's The Lake

Afternoon Stroll

On A Psychedelic Note

It's In There Somewhere

Canadian Tango

Groovin' On A Sunny Afternoon


Preflight Inspection

Hey...Camera Guy...Enough Already

Discussing Flight Plans

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