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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Copper Canine On White Down

Temperatures at high noon barely break twenty degrees Fahrenheit. Moderate snow fall continues to sift from monochromatic gray skies and blankets our town and countryside. Cooper and I cannot contain our passion to roam the prairie wilds. Within minutes we’re out the door and making tracks down ranch roads and game trails. Brazen winds intensify chill factors, yet redeem themselves by carrying pleasant wisps of smoke from wood burning fire places. A pronounced hush hovers over the buttoned up prairie.  
Oblivious to the raw conditions, Cooper rollicks across the snow covered terrain. He pauses at numerous prairie dog burrows, knocks politely, and savors the emanations from the red dirt dens. His copper coloration is an enjoyable contrast to the wintry landscape. Cold fingers and blowing snow do little to dampen my enthusiasm to capture the moments on film. We trudge on.
Our presence launches a meadow lark from its shelter. It flutters briefly then disappears in a snow squall. The only other signs of life are several errant Mourning Doves streaking towards unknown destinations. Forty-five minutes into our trek the soft white down drifting on prairie winds changes into granular snow. The pellets sting cheeks and eye tissues. Photography becomes impossible. It’s time to pack it in and head for shelter--Cooper concurs.

© Ilija Lukić 2012

Counting Snow Flakes (Cooper)

Copper Canine On White Down (Cooper)

Red Dirt Den

Yucca Flats Scoundrel (Cooper)

Knock, Knock... (Cooper)

The Road Home (Cooper)

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