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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Pearls Of Wisdom

Knowledge and wisdom are intimate companions--twin pearls dancing on the fabric of our intellect. One cannot exist without the other. They influence our perception of the world, our spirituality, our poetic utterances. They define our capacity to grasp what is of value in life. Include a measure of passion in pursuit thereof and humanity triumphs.
Where might one come upon a well of enlightenment and savor the mythical mead of poetry? I start my quest with a glance out the front window of our abode. Gray skies belie the profound light of two shimmering pearls of water balancing precipitously on a young tulip leaf. Each holds the essence of snowflakes at the end of their tumultuous sojourn. They yearn for balance. Humility will realize their purpose. A fleeting burst of sunlight illuminates their charitable surrender of life forces to their brethren, the tulip. Once brought to light, pearls of wisdom are akin to universal truths. They are eternal.

© Ilija Lukić 2012

Pearls Of Wisdom

Humble Companions

Sweet Surrender

Dew Drop Inn (Cane Cholla)

Sunlight Tango

Big Foot Realm

To Be A Bird (Cooper)

Left Eye Dominant (Cooper)

Cold Toes

Reach For The Sky

Innocence Of Youth (pear bud)

Wall Flower

Close Friends (Austrian Pine)

Warm Fuzzy

First Impressions

Fleeting Footsteps

Cottonball Hugs

Sublime Rhapsody

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