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Monday, April 23, 2012

Reptile Menagerie

Warm daytime temperatures and frost free nights stir dormant prairie reptiles out of Winter burrows. These throwbacks to the age of dinosaurs are masters of camouflage. Encounters tend to be sudden and dramatic. Emotions run the gamut from anxiety with snakes to comedic playtime with turtles and horned lizards. My canine pal Cooper enjoys re-enactments of the storied Tortoise and the Hare race and gratifies prey drive with useless pursuits of fleet-footed, toad-bodied lizards. I marvel at their beauty and tenacity to thrive in the grueling Llano Estacado ecosystem.

© Ilija Lukić 2012

Ornate Box Turtle (male)

Footloose (terrapena ornata ornata)

Don't Tread On Me (pituophis catenifer sayi)

Bullsnake Trail

Rattler Impersonator (Bullsnake)

Invitation To Dance (Bullsnake)

Bullsnake Crossing

Caution - Curves Ahead (Bullsnake)

Sassy Countermeasures (Bullsnake)
Morning Prowl (Bullsnake)

Serpentine Inclinations (Bullsnake)

Boot Scoot Boogie (Horned Lizard)

Phrynosoma Cornutum (Texas Horned Lizard)

Sunny Delight (Horned Lizard)

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