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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Arid Lands Pulchritude

Come walk a mile in my shoes.
Let prairie wilds fill your cup of life.

Drink deeply,

Take joy in the pristine pulchritude,
Sunlight’s dances ‘cross seas of grass,
Bejeweled thorns and golden blooms,

And butterfly kisses on mellow winds.

Come gentle breezes infused with sage,
Make merry wayward hearts and souls,
Make well and imbue with harmony
All who seek to learn from your embrace.

© Ilija Lukić 2012

Arid Lands Pulchritude

Engelmann's Bouquet (engelmannia peristenia)

Yucca Treasures (yucca glauca)

Cup Of Life (Cane Cholla frustrum)

Lively Prairie Breezes (Cooper)

Yellow Plainsman (hymenoppappus flavescence)

Baked Clay

Monarch's Chalice (asclepia latifolia)

Sunny Delight

Wind Catchers (aristida purpurea, aka Purple Threeawn)

Tread Lightly And Jump


To Play Or Not To Play (Cooper)

High Plains Samurai (phrynosoma cornutum, aka Horned Lizard)

Prairie Brethren (yucca, daisy, and thistle)

Wind (bothriochloa saccharoides, aka Silver Bluestem)

High Plains Nobility (cylindropuntia imbricata)

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