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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Yucca Flats Sunrise - Cinco De Mayo

After a brisk walk to reach the prairie trail head I pause and savor the sights, sounds, and smells of the Llano Estacado wilds. The scent of sage fills my nostrils and stirs memories of past treks on horseback through the chaparral of the Muleshoe Sand Dunes. Lustrous morning light pours joyfully across remnants of withered, somber vegetation skeletons. Dreams of past glory days rise into the azure ether of New Mexico skies with morning mists. Timid sun beams encourage hopeful newcomers striving for their moment in the high plains sun. It’s Cinco de Mayo. As far as the eye can see the Llano Estacado prairie readies its hardy flora for another day of battle against the relentless forces of drought. Victory seems unlikely. Yet the celebration of life continues.

While the prairie solitude imprints on my heart, Cooper scours Yucca Flats in search of playmates. He ignores a Horned Lizard soaking up the warmth of the early morning sun. These tiny, scaly plains denizens just aren’t as much fun a speedy Jack Rabbit.

© Ilija Lukić 2012

Yucca Flats Sunrise (Cooper)

Sunrise Solitaire

Glory Days (symphyotrichum ericoides, aka Heath Aster)

Prairie Lanterns (oenothera albicaulis, aka Pale Evening Primrose)

High Plains Trail Marker (yucca glauca, aka Soapweed Yucca)

Kiowa Toothpicks (bothriochloa saccharoides, aka Silver Bluestem)

Llano Estacado Dawn

Ostentatious Microgametophytes (oenothera albicaulis)

Lustrous Brouhaha (Cane Cholla)

Come On Baby, Light My Fire (Plains Yucca)

Good Morning Star Shine

Ragwort Scramble (sencio riddellii)

Looking For Playmates (Cooper)

Innocence Lost (Pale Evening Primrose)

Cinco De Mayo Melody (Plains Yucca)

Heaven In A Wild Flower (oenothera albicaulis, aka Pale Evening Primrose)

Moonglow (yucca campestris)

Eternal Optimism

Let The Sun Shine In (Plains Prickly Pear cactus)

Freckled Beauty (monarda pectinata, aka Plains Beebalm)

Love Me Tender

Cutleaf Daisy Trio (engelmannia peristenia)

Terra Cotta Dreams

Prairie Lounge Lizard (phrynosoma cornutum, aka Horned Lizard)

Duck And Cover (Horned Lizard)

Oh Yeah, Life Is Good (Horned Lizard)

Great Expectations (yucca campestris)

Gentle Persusions (cylindropuntia imbricata, aka Cane Cholla)

The Trail Home

Lemon Yellow Surprise (oenothera serrulata, aka Plains Yellow Primrose)

Three Sheets To The Wind (Cane Cholla)

They Call Me Mellow Yellow

First Kiss Of The Sun (asclepias latifolia, aka Broadleaf Milkweed)

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