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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Kiss Summer Goodbye

Summer surrenders her verdant robes
To cool Autumn days and morning mists.
Winged guests depart for balmy climes,
Ere Winter looses her savage beasts.

Sunspots (helianthus annuus, aka Annual Sunflower)

Coral Reef (cirsium ochrocentrum, aka Yellowspine Thistle)

Grassland Buddies (Plains Yucca and Broadleaf Milkweed)

Kiss Summer Goodbye (cirsium ochrocentrum)

Let There Be Light

Russian Thistle (salsoa tragus, aka Tumbleweed)

High Plains Rover (Cooper)

Amber Seas Of Grain

Sawtooth Daisy (grindelia papposa, aka Wax Goldenweed)

Silver Bluestem Straw (bothriochloa saccharoides)

Tumbleweed (salsoa tragus)

Family Ties (Yellowspine Thistle)

Blue Grama Gold (bouteloua gracilis)

Buffalobur Nightshade (solanum  rostratum)

Wind Witch (salsoa tragus, aka Tumbleweed)

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