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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Foggy Surrender

After seemingly endless days of scorching sun and torrid breath of Aeolus, the Llano Estacado plain willingly surrenders to the pulchritude foggy caresses bestow upon her denizens and flora. Wet sighs of relief fill the cool morning air.

The first blush of Autumn colors Siberian Elm stretching their scraggly foliage into the morning mists. In the tree tops a raven briefly complains of poor visibility, takes wing, and with nary a sound swiftly disappears into the billowing brume. I pause, take a deep breath, and scan the unusually intimate horizons created by the fog. Rich Autumn hues dominate. Hundreds of delicate dew catchers flush with ethereal pearls of water defy gravity. Their shimmering dances in defiance of somber airs warm the cockles of my heart. I delight in their ephemeral existence. The lustrous droplets are seductive windows into the boundless reaches of the universe. One touch and rivulets of infinity cover the palm of my hand.

While my thoughts turn inward, Cooper and his canine pals, Leona and Chewbacca, do not hesitate to strike out into the damp Autumn wonderland. The chilled air fuels their enthusiasm for a dew patrol. But, aside from surprising and rousting a few feathered prairie dwellers, they find wildlife conspicuously absent. The trio refuses to let an opportunity to roam the wilds go to waste. Mother Nature accommodates their desires for fun.The heavy dew and wet soil due to recent rains soon contribute to a joyful mud bath. Three happy pups return from our prairie sojourn.

© Ilija Lukić 2012

Keep Dry (promachus bastardi, aka Robber Fly)
Foggy Surrender

Dew Patrol (Cooper)

Dew Catcher

First Blush Of Autumn (Siberian Elm)

Blue Grama Hoedown (bouteloua gracilis)

Prickly Dew Drops (cylindropuntia imbricata)

Dew Drop

Autumn Kaleidoscope

Robber Baron (promachus bastardi)

Waiting For The Sun

Little Bluestem (schyzachrium scoparium)

Sun Mimic

Wet Sighs

Who Spilled These Beans?

Defying Gravity

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