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Friday, April 12, 2013

High Plains Spring

Balmy breezes in the 50s are such a contrast to yesterday's 20s. The bison near Ned Houk Park evoke primal emotions. Sensations, scents and sounds of the Llano Estacado reach into my heart and compel poetry.

Ferocious wind and frigid airs are king,
Until balmy breezes wipe our memory.
Chollas extol the gentler side of spring,
With gilded fruit they grace their jubilee.

Life stirs in burrow, den and prairie nest,
Even as earthy bosom brings forth seed.
While storm clouds gather to the west,
Yucca stems long for flowers to succeed.

Lark song melodies join prairie dog bark
With throaty bellows bison muffle grunts,
Fierce kestrels take last wing before dark
And snatch quarry with bold aerial stunts.

Oh cherished spring adrift in seas of grass,
Return post haste to winter-weary lands.
Suffer promises of autumn come to pass
And prepare life for summer’s torrid hands.

© Ilija Lukić 2013

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