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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Blood Moon

Train whistle drifts on gelid airs
Inspires hearts to quest dreams
Lone dog bays the blood Moon.

© Ilija Lukić 2014
Blood Moon
(Clovis, New Mexico USA)


  1. Dear Ilija!

    I am a teacher of botany, so I have found your brilliant photos while looking for prairie pictures. Sometimes you write prairie, but sometimes you mention llano. As far as I know this two vegetation type is not the same - so I would like to ask you to tell me: where have you taken your pictures about Chloris, cholla, etc. The state is enough for me (because a guess you live in the States, somewhere in the paririe, not in S-Am. where llano is a typical vegetation).
    Best wishes: George Szollát from Hungary

    1. George,
      Llano Estacado is the Spanish name for a 250 square mile plateau which extends across eastern New Mexico and west Texas in the USA. We are at the southern reaches of the North American Great Plains. The vegetation consists of vast grasslands we call prairie. I use Llano and prairie interchangeably. I'm glad you enjoy my photos. ILIJA.