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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Bullsnake Whisperer

As Cooper and I trek through green splashes of vegetation near a Siberian Elm grove, a shimmer on the ranch road ahead catches my eye. Is it a snake? I advance carefully and confirm a pituophis catenifer sayi aka Bullsnake. This North American Great Plains reptile thrives in this habitat of shortgrass prairie teeming with Pocket Gophers and Western Harvester Mice prey. Natural predators of the snake are limited due to displacement by human expansion into the prairie.

On initial approach I keep movements deliberate. My heart races. I manage several photo images of a relaxed colubrid. Cooper enters the area to investigate my activities. The snake reacts with a more defensive postures. Its fluid movements become assertive. Its hypnotic reptilian stare, taught coils, glottal rattle, and cocked striking position declare a formidable adversary. A few more images and we move off. The snake calms down and disappears in grass cover.

© Ilija Lukić 2011

Cautious Exit From Cover

Coiled Grace

Reptilian Stare

Tasting The Air

The Rest Of The Story

Wary Eye

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