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Thursday, April 7, 2011


I echo the words of a friend. “Rain, rain!!! It rained last night. This morning I got up, went outside, and ohhh...ahhh...I took a deep breath. The sky was blue, the leaves were emerald green, and the air smelled so clean. So nice. Now we have puffy white clouds and strong winds.”
Llano Estacado wildlife also revels in the brief overnight rainfall. Alas, the precious liquid is not enough to do more than knock down the dust and erase animal tracks on the prairie.
Before Cooper and I reach the prairie we meet and make friends with a new female canine named Shadow. Her human escort is none other than the momma of Seiko and Scout, of Cooper’s Alaskan Malamute prairie roaming triumvirate. The two strike up an immediate friendship. Shadow is a collarless foundling and the search for her family continues.
© Ilija Lukić 2011

Cooper's New Buddy...Shadow

Find Cooper...Looking For Shadow

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