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Friday, June 3, 2011

Fifth Planet From The Sun

Rain, rain, rain, rain...the long-awaited, liquid gold from the heavens arrives amidst tempestuous winds, thunder, lightning and douses Eastern New Mexico last night.

Cooper and I cannot resist diving into the thirst-quenched prairie at first light. Despite several hours of rain, the parched Llano Estacado sports only one or two puddles of standing water along ranch roads to acknowledge the deluge. A general sigh of relief hovers over the wet landscape. Crickets and Western Meadow Larks trill their delightful tunes to greet the morning sun. Prairie dogs have not yet ventured from their burrows.  Barn Swallows dart about in search of insect prey. A committee of Turkey Vultures perches on a run of posts along a fence line. They purposefully spread their wings across the warming rays of the morning sun.  

The serenity of the moment reminds me of a passage in a Robert Browning poem, “God’s in his Heaven-All’s right with the world!”

© Ilija Lukić 2011

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