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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Magnificent Obsession

Recent monsoonal rains stir the Llano Estacado tablelands to life. Shades of green dominate the once dry and dusty plain. While Mr Cooper and I enjoy the rebirth, many areas of great natural beauty in our State of New Mexico, neighboring Colorado, and Arizona continue to suffer wildfires of calamitous scope. 

My heart is heavy over the losses of firefighters who venture to contain and extinguish the fiery beasts bent on annihilating the world. Their desire to serve, ability to perform, and courage to act is the stuff of heroes. They come from neighboring communities and across state lines to gasp in smoke-laden air, toil in hellish temperatures, and trudge through rugged and unfamiliar terrain--to lay their lives on the line. They measure success one homestead, one grove of tall ponderosa pine, one elk, one wild turkey, one human life, one saved hope and dream at a time.

Their sacrifice inspires us of mortal flesh and bone to persevere and rebuild dreams. Charred habitats, wild denizens, and human communities will rise from the ashes. Fittingly, in the wildlands Mother Nature will write their epitaph, penned by means of her magnificent obsession for diversity and kaleidoscope of colors.

- © Ilija Lukić 2013 -

Checkered White Perusing Horsemint

Nodding Thistle Head Dress

Musk Thistle Crown

Bush Morning Glory

Canine Prairie Observer (Cooper)

Chameleon (Black Swallowtail Chrysalis


Magnificent Obsession

Milkweed Triumvirate

On The Prowl

Prairie Coneflower Colony

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