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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Life Is Good

Throughout the night soaking rains trickle off our roof and dribble melodiously into pools of water. Open bedroom windows allow the rain-cooled air to refresh and energize. A rush of joy replaces previously dashed hopes of drought abatement. I drift off into dreams.

At daybreak Cooper and I venture into the prairie. Instead of yuck and muck, I find a surprising hue of green peach fuzz sprouting from the red dirt. Prairie florae have long thirsted for liberation from the fetters of a parched earth womb. Last night’s rain assures their survival. Cooper’s initial enthusiasm for the chase quickly turns to dawdles alongside my tracks. The humidity is oppressive. He seeks shade at every opportunity. I do not hesitate to join in frequent respites.

© Ilija Lukić 2011

Rush Skeletonplant

Lernaean Hydra

Life Is Good (Cooper)

Just Smile

Yellow Spiny Aster Bouquet

Herculean Effort

Prairie Coral Reef

Artemis Of The Wildland

Sage Trekkin' (Cooper)

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