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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Red Saddlebags

For mortals who indulge in the power of symbolism, an examination of the prowess, poise, and ethereal beauty of dragonflies can lead to renewal of body and spirit through self-realization. In their short lives these creatures of the wind accomplish much. They live in the moment. They live life to the fullest. Their classic aerial dances on iridescent wings do mesmerize, yet remind us to look past the magic and illusions of superficial matters...to unmask the deepest recesses of our being...to open our minds...to conquer self-imposed and societal shackles to enlightenment.

I pause and contemplate a Red Saddlebags dragonfly as it clings tenaciously to its perch atop a withered yucca. It defies the stiff prairie winds and scoffs at the drought. Amazement wells within my heart and spills into the essence of my being. I close my eyes and savor the moment.

© Ilija Lukić 2011

Red Saddlebags

Devil With A Red Dress On

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