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Monday, August 15, 2011


The chaos of summer storms on the Southern Great Plains and serenity of their aftermath are interdependent natural forces. Appreciation of one is not possible without understanding its relationship to the other. One cannot exist without the other. They are complementary opposites within a dynamic whole.
Cooper and I slide into the Llano Estacado grassland biome at mid-morning. One word describes the backdrop for our excursion--serenity. Evaporation of recent rains still fuels high levels of humidity. However, lively southeasterly winds effectively mask the raised heat index of the 80°F air temperature. Revival of the heretofore dormant prairie continues, albeit at a crawl. Wildland flora, livestock, Cooper, and I have a new disposition and vigor in our demeanor. Feelings of joy missing for nearly a fortnight propel me to break into a loping gait. Cooper joins in and we’re off into the sage--trail running.
Near a homestead we encounter horses feasting on new-growth grasses. We spend a few moments with Cooper’s goat pal before we push on. The prairie is abuzz with insect life. I haven’t missed the pesky ones.
Further down a game trail a pile of bleached bones speaks of the ebb and flow of life and death, of interconnected prairie dualities. Bone-dry arroyos become raging watersheds. Light of day yearns for the dark of night. Cold of winter eases the heat of summer. Chaos of thunderstorms is an integral prequel to the serenity rain brings to a parched land.

© Ilija Lukić 2011

La Cabeza Calva Verde

Windswept Sage (Cooper)

Convergent Lady Beetle

Beefly On Wax Goldenweed


Serene Green

Checkered Melon Beetle

Cooper's Goat Buddy

Golden Crown Beard

Prostrate Vervain


Prairie Boneyard

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