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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Step Into The Light

Half asleep Cooper and I traipse into a familiar 65-degree Llano Estacado summer morning and relish the refreshing embrace of the dew-covered prairie. My canine sidekick darts across the moisture-laden vegetation and returns drenched in dew. The consummate hunter is on the prowl. I brim with similar élan for a different kind of hunt. Today I’m after the rare and elusive beauty commelina erecta, aka Erect Dayflower. Sandy, moist soils near ephemeral pools are my target. The unusually wet summer favors my quest.
The delicate azure flowers bloom for only one day, wilting into a moist, blue mass after a few hours. They last longer on cloudy days or in shady settings. The genus name honors members of the 18th century Dutch botanist family Commelyn. Picture the two upper petals. They represent the two brothers who were famous botanists. The lower petal, almost unnoticeable represents a third brother who died young.  
My mission succeeds. However, it’s difficult to resist the lure of perfect light conditions. The early morning sun bestows dramatic shadows and breathtaking hues to an endless parade of subjects. I shoot until my trigger finger bleeds...figuratively speaking, of course. Thank God for digital film.
Our summer heat is about to break. A strong cold front will move through the area tonight and usher in thunderstorms. Tomorrow's predicted high is 69°F, agh.

© Ilija Lukić 2011

Step Into The Light

Blazing Mare's Tails (conyza canadensis)

Spanish Gold Doubloons (grindelia papposa)

Sawtooth Daisies In Wild Buckwheat

Here Comes The Sun (helianthus annuus)

Erect Dayflower (commelina erecta)

Dayflower Dew Bath (Cooper)

Looking For The Sun (Cooper)

Showy Chloris (chloris virgata)

Pigweed Spires (Amaranth)

Texas Blueweed Aglow

Wet Dawn (Cooper)

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