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Friday, January 25, 2013

El Espíritu Cholla

Not much invites more wonderment than large snowflakes emerging from heavy overcast and floating topsy-turvy to their destinations. Buoyed by gentle winds the shadowy flocks of ethereal eiderdown emanating from ashen clouds settle as immaculate coverlets on earthly realms. No two are the same. Each fragile conglomerate of crystals longs for the touch of its kinfolk. Their fleeting tenure as allies of Snow Owl Woman transforms humdrum prairie lands into a remarkable gallery of fine art. They clasp El Espiritu Cholla striding through knee-deep snows, turn bunch grasses into snow shelters, and coddle budding elms. Fence lines become dramatic statements of human intrusion. My cup runneth over. While I indulge my senses the blankets of soft reality incite Cooper to romp on the wild side.

Think Snow (Cooper)

Delicate Balance

Winter Fence Line

El Espíritu Cholla

Lights, Camera, Action (Cooper)

Soft Reality

Gentle Hand Of Winter

Winter Wonderland (Cooper)

Snow Umbrella (Siberian Elm)

Rabbit Sign

Tuna On Ice (cylindropuntia imbricata)

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