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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Eyes Of A Child

Cooper, Leona, Chewbacca and I venture into the prairie grasslands East of our high plains hamlet by late morning. An overnight dusting of snow endures in shadows. Cooper roams just ahead and pauses to assess the white stuff under his favorite summer shade tree.

On the northern horizon orographic lift against the Llano Estacado escarpment billows ominous clouds. They bode another frigid night for high plains denizens, while the mid-winter sun struggles to warm the environs to the freezing mark. The stark beauty of a shortgrass prairie in winter slumber does not disappoint. I allow my inner child free reign under an azure New Mexico sky.

Take time to rediscover
The wisdom of childish
And trivial pursuits.

Do away with fetters
To the heart and spirit.
Engage in flights of fancy.

Have tea with a lion
On the African Savannah.
Dance on moon beams
And frolic among the stars.
Behold the universe
In a single pearl of rain.

Embrace innocence,
Accept miracles
And see the world
Through the eyes of a child.

© Ilija Lukić 2013

In The Eyes Of A Child

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