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Friday, July 12, 2013

Ablution For The Soul

O’Dark thirty and barely audible rumbles of thunder and pitter patter of rain against the skylight penetrate my early morning dream state. Cooper nuzzles against my arm with eager reminders he’s ready to rock-n-roll across the Llano Estacado.

A few stretches reacquaint my mind with my body. I cannot resist a peek out the window. Low cloud cover and light rain drape mercifully over our drought-weary high plains hamlet. However, the eastern horizon bathed in fiery sunrise hues promises another day of searing temperatures.

Once underway Cooper and I find the Llano Estacado drenched in moisture with vestiges of rain adrift on morning winds. Cooper marks this moment in time with a wet and wild pursuit of a jack rabbit. My intentions are more philosophical.

Innumerable days of blazing heat and choking dust are vague memories. The prairie florae sparkle with ephemeral pearls of rain. I muse about their purpose in the grand design and realize their beauty washes the dust of daily life from my soul. I savor the moment and allow my heart to partake in the celebration of life.

- © Ilija Lukić 2013 -

Ablution For the Soul
(desmanthus illinoennsis, aka Prairie Mimosa)

Wet Fire Wheels
(gaillardia pulchella, aka Indian Blanket)

Raging Torrent

Moment In Time

Dust Free Respite

Foggy Llano Morning

Mimosa Gloriosa
(desmanthus illinoennsis, aka Prairie Mimosa)

Grand Opening
(Red Harvester Ants open nest after rain)

Ranch Road Inspector

Agua Compasiva (Merciful Water)

Damp Peek-A-Boo
(Yellow Spine Thistle and Silverleaf Nightshade)

In Pursuit Of Wet Prey (Cooper)

Prairie Dog Smorgasbord
(Wooly Locoweed, Common Purslane, and Portulaca)

Grupo Amarillo
(Yellow Spint Aster)

Prairie Recycling Center

Pyramid Ant Mound Crater

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