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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Llano Escarpment Reverie

Enduring flatlands croon
Of fugitive beauty
Astir in seas of grass,
While Earth Mother revels
Below azure skies
Across caprock ramparts
In windswept fantasies.

    - © Ilija Lukić 2013 -

Earth Mother's Reverie

Blue Extroverts
(psorothumnus scoparius, aka Broom Pea)

Sneak Peek
(helianthus annuus, aka Annual Sunflower)

Centaurea Americana
(aka American Star Thistle, American Basketflower)

Cheerful Glimpse
(Broom Pea at Llano Escarpment overlooking Canadian River Plain)

Love Me Tender

Centaurean Galaxies
(centaurea americana, aka Star Thistle, Basketflower)

High Plains Sunshine
(helianthus annuus, aka Annual Sunflower)

At The End Of The Rainbow

Jubilant Songs
(psorothumnus scoparius, aka Broom Pea)

Escarpment Garden
(centaurea amaricana, aka Basketflower)

Alluvial Fantasy

Dry Gulch Beauty
(psorothumnus scoparius, aka Broom Pea)

Windswept Daydreams - Canadian River Plain north of Grady, New Mexico USA

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