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Friday, August 16, 2013

Promise Of Hope

Last night an unexpected high plains thunderstorm clips the eastern reaches of our town. I first become aware of its secretive approach from the north when a tornado warning with immediate sheltering instructions posts on my cell phone. A quick step into the back yard and it is clear havoc is about to unleash. The southwest section of a wall cloud looms overhead. Some rotation is evident. Somewhere to the east a distinct roar fills the air foreboding a tornado. Heavy bands of rain make confirmation of a twister impossible. Scattered half dollar sized pellets of hail start to fall and we rush to batten down windows and doors. My canine pal Cooper and I hunker down in our seven by seven foot pantry. The pounding on the roof and skylights quickly reaches a menacing crescendo. Tempestuous wind and heavy rain add to the ominous sounds of the onslaught. The wail of tornado sirens pierces the meleé and hikes anxiety. Cooper paces nervously. I trust his senses. Danger is close at hand.

Fortunately our skirmish with the awesome power of nature is short. The brunt of ravaging weather passes just to the east and plays out rapidly on its march south. We and neighbors emerge from homes to asses damages. Downed foliage lies strewn among half dollar, quarter, and penny sized hail stones. Cars in driveways sport numerous dents.

While I wrap up damage assessment darkness starts to fall. All in all we fared well. In the direction of the waning daylight an azure promise of hope punches through the turmoil of clouds and distant din of thunder. The fading fires of the setting sun light up the cloud tops of the departing tempest. Comforting glows from lamp posts and porch lights signal a return to evening routines by the town populace.

- © Ilija Lukić 2013 -

A Promise Of Hope

The Light After The Storm

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