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Saturday, August 10, 2013

When Words Fade Into Nothingness

The photos I capture are images created in conversations between my heart, soul, and mind prior to the camera shutter click, sometimes years ago. Accordingly my sojourns in life are simply quests to find these images and then actualize this ongoing talkfest as poetry of spirit and light.

My morning outing with Cooper on the Llano Estacado tablelands of Eastern New Mexico is nothing short of sublime. Come walk with me.

© Ilija Lukić 2013 -

When Words Fade Into Nothingness
(proboscidea louisianica aka Devil's Claw)

Shout For Joy
(heterotheca villosa aka Hairy False Golden Aster)

Llano Toothpicks
(cirsium ochrocentrum aka Yellow Spined Thistle)

Fearsome Portal
(helianthus annuus aka Annual Sunflower bud)

Sublime Innocence
(symphyotrichum ericoides aka Heath Aster)

Paraíso Terrenal - Earthly Paradise
(asclepias latifolia aka Broadleaf Milkweed with agapostemon aka Metallic Green Sweat Bee)

Lady In Pink
(cirsium ochrocentrum aka Yellow Spined Thistle flower)

Graminoid Allée
(aristida oligantha aka Prairie Threeawn)

Devilish Pulchritude
(proboscidea louisianica aka Devil's Claw)

Hallelujah Chorus
(asclepias latifolia aka Broadleaf Milkweed)

Llano Estacado Trail Blazer

Beware Of Thistles Bearing Gifts
(cirsium ochrocentrum aka Yellow Spined Thistle)

Ant Coliseum
(dorymyrmex bureni aka Pyramid Ant mound)

Prairie Diner
(halictidae aka Sweat Bee on Hairy False Golden Aster)

Rosa Fahrt Ins Blaue - Pink Excursion
(cirsium ochrocentrum aka Yellow Spined Thistle)

Shortgrass Prairie Shimmers
(sporobolus heterolepis aka Prairie Dropseed)

Gentle Surrender
(proboscidea louisianica aka Devil's Claw)

Rabbit Spoor

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